Extended School Year/ Camp Davinci

Extended School Year

The Extended School Year is an optional program for the summer weeks available to Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood  students. This program is open to students who are currently enrolled or are enrolled for the upcoming school year. It is available in two 4-week sessions. Families may choose to enroll for one or both sessions. Tuition for the Extended School Year is due, in full, by May 1 and will be billed to your Tuition Management account. Curriculum for the Extended School Year will be a continuation of the academic school year.

Comic Arts Camp

July 8-July 12


Writing and Drawing Comics: We explore the writing, sketching, editing, and finalizing of a single comic over the daily sessions. Advanced tools such as art pencils, quality marker paper, archival pens, and field notebooks will be provided to every student. Geometry, the use of a grid, narrative development, and drawing skills are covered in this course. Additional daily activities are designed to wake up their brains, feed their creative side, and infuse their lives with everyday creativity. These additional activities will include walks outside and play time, garden sketching learning about the color and the world of comic arts. Emphasis will be placed on self-started creativity the students can take home and continue practicing. (K-6th grade) Visit to secure your spot!

Camp Invention Summer Program

July 15-July 19


Let your child’s creativity sore with our new Camp Invention® program, Illuminate! Campers collaborate with friends in hands-on, open-ended STEM challenges. Our Modules this year include: In The Game, Let’s Glow, Hydrodrop, and Prototyping Studio. In The Game gives campers the chance to be innovative all-stars as they engineer their own light-up ball game and create a unique sports ball. Campers learn about biophysics, optics, and electrical engineering as they discover illuminating inventions and build their own one-of-a-kind Glow Box to help their ideas shine in Let’s Glow. Campers embark on an epic global operation in Hydrodrop to explore and solve water challenges around the world using a personalized light-up, robotic Lab-on-Wheels inspired by cutting-edge marine science technology. In Prototyping StudioTM campers star as game show contestants where they go on an innovative journey to discover the ultimate place to complete rapid prototyping challenges and learn that invention can happen anywhere! (K-6th grade) Visit to secure your spot today!

Camp LetGoYourMind

July 22-26


Channel your inner master builder and create your very own LEGO amusement park thrill rides where Everything is Awesome! Before each LEGO brick creation, staff will discuss key engineering and physics concepts with the children and how they relate to our LEGO rides. Students will build LEGO brick cars using axles, gears, pulleys, battery packs, and motors. In addition, children will code their LEGO builds using a drag-and-drop-based interface using Bluetooth technology. In the afternoon, students will create their own mini movie set, learn the parts of a story, and create an animated movie using LEGO mini figures and other objects. The students will also learn how to edit their films, attach music, and add titles/credits using Professional Stop Animation software. (K-6th grade) Visit LetGoYourMind to secure your spot today!

Camp Express It!

July 29-August 2


Montessori Art 101: Our friends at ExpressitArt will provide a fun and unique creative exploration each day of the week

  • Make a small animal figurine out of clay & create a 4″ mosaic using glass tiles
  • Explore beach art using shells and rocks to create a layout & paint a landscape
  • Design a fairy house using items from outside & design a fairy or Harry Potter magic wand
  • Paint a picture of a pet or favorite character & make a beaded keyring or bracelet
  • Rock painting & making a magnet

August 5-9


Courtesy of ExpressItArt, children will embark upon a week-long art adventure creating a mural on the interior walls of SNHMA. (Please have children wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind them getting paint on.)

(2nd-6th grade) Visit Expressitarts to secure your spot today!