Southern NH Montessori Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of Southern NH Montessori Academy is to provide an exceptional educational experience to children from Infant through Grade 6 throughout Southern NH, providing an enriched curriculum and intriguing environment that cultivates human potential, nurtures spontaneous curiosity and inspires a sense of wonder within an inclusive learning environment.

At Southern NH Montessori Academy:

  • Children learn at their own pace intellectually;
  • Through an integrated curriculum, concentration focus is given to educating the “whole child” (all facets of the child’s being, including: intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creative aspects) with a strong emphasis on hands-on and experiential learning;
  • Each child’s education is guided by individualized learning plans;
  • We shepherd the character development of each child promoting independence, respect for oneself and others, and self-expression.

We strive to create a transformative family experience, so that every parent feels welcomed and valued as a partner in their child’s education. We whole-hearted value the importance for every parent to understand the stages of their child’s growth and development and the essence of Montessori education.